Life changing workshops and Reiki


You know things could be better.

Life is a challenging thing, and so often we feel dissatisfied with the way we handle it. We want to be supportive partners, effective parents, successful in business, creative and motivated, good decision makers. So often we think this means being perfect. Get a grip, we say. Sort yourself out. Man up. We can be so tough on ourselves in an attempt to live the lives we want.

The thing is, you can’t bully yourself into living your best life. The way to get there is through learning new skills to support making good changes. It’s about having goals, but not unattainable standards. It’s about letting go of limiting beliefs and setting boundaries. Recognising and reminding yourself that you are worthy of love. It’s about the sort of strength that doesn’t flex its muscles.


What we do

Create Your Best Life is like a compass that helps to guide you on your journey. We offer workshops and one-on-one mentoring based on the Gordon method (Be Your Best and Parent Effectiveness Training) or Heal Your Life ® by pioneer of the mind-body-spirit movement, Louise Hay. The effectiveness of these life changing workshops can be powerfully supported by Reiki treatments which restore balance and vital energy.


Based in Goulburn and serving the Central Tablelands, Create Your Best Life offers a range of courses and workshops that teach you these valuable skills. Investing your time in this work is like planting small seeds. Only through planting can you reap a great harvest.

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Why learn with Create Your Best Life?

Living your best life means that you learn to be comfortable with who you are, free from shame and limiting thoughts, and from that grounded place you learn to be a loving and supportive partner, a strong effective parent, a wise leader at work, a creative force across all aspects of your life.


It’s not rocket science. It’s neuroscience.

Thanks to *fMRI’s and other data gleaning technologies, in the last 25 or so years we’ve seen scientific knowledge of the brain more than double. What leading researchers like Doctors Daniel Siegel and Rick Hanson now know is that you are not stuck with the mind or the brain that you have. Neuroplasticity refers to the way the brain can change and adapt to create new neural pathways that lead to better outcomes. Science has proven the power of meditation, affirmations and other cognitive behaviour therapies.

The way we think can absolutely determine the way we feel.


 *fMRI’s -(Functional magnetic resonance imaging or MRI)